Are you under high expectation pressure or do you want to get more out of yourself? There are situations in life or at work that push us to our limits. Often we don't know how to cope with the problems and how to fully exploit our potential. In individual coaching, we find tailor-made solutions for you. Here you are the focus as an individual. At the beginning there is the task of getting to know yourself better.

Which inner values, which needs and emotions make you a personality? Because the right self-perception is the first step on your way to personal and professional success. The better you know yourself, the more confident you will be with other people. Even with customers!

The goal of One-on-One-Coachings is to work out your individual abilities, to further develop and strengthen them. With the development of your personality you will learn to master your problems confidently and to increase your performance.


The core competencies - confident appearance, voice and language, memory training, quick-wittedness and improvisation - are also the focus of individual coaching if required.


„Benedikt Crisand, with his sensitive and at the same time very empathic manner, was able to convey to me quickly, credibly and understandably how I could improve my presentation technique and rhetoric. Today I feel much safer and can communicate better and more clearly what is important to me“