In a training course, existing skills are developed and new skills learned. The aim is to encounter everyday working life with different eyes and to optimise and accelerate decision-making processes. In order to ensure the sustainability of what has been learned, training should be repeated after some time and the topic intensified.



Performing convincingly

How do I affect my counterpart? How can I control my effect in a targeted way? How can I act authentically and confidently in any challenging situation? How do I pick up the audience? How do I leave a lasting, professional impression? How do I develop charisma, presence and a special charisma?

Whether at a presentation, in meetings, at a pitch, in customer acquisition, in sales with the customer, as a moderator, speaker or in a sales talk - you always have an effect. The only question is how. This training helps you to use your body language and facial expressions correctly.

Respond quick-witted

Everyone knows difficult customers. But how do I deal with manipulation attempts, objections or humiliations by customers or disagreements in the operational environment correctly? How can I de-escalate in these situations?

By getting to know yourself and your strengths and building on them. In this training we practice improvisation and quick-witted action in conflict-laden situations.

Because you too are quick-witted - usually only 5 minutes too late! By strengthening your ability to improvise, you learn to trust yourself in all situations. Together we train your ability to be in the moment and to follow your own impulses. Improvisation training promotes individual talent, personal development, team spirit and creative potential.

Present condifently

You have the task of leading a workshop or a meeting and don't know exactly how to do it? The right moderation can be the key to success.

Moderation is first and foremost about ensuring that a professional result is achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible and is accepted and implemented by all participants. For this purpose I teach methods and techniques how to work with groups, how to respond to the different participants, how to make them work constructively and productively and how to find a solution together with them. The motto is: One for all and all for one goal.

Optimizing voice and language

Are you among those who don't like their own voice on the answering machine? Do you have a high voice load professionally? Or do you simply want to be more convincing and confident with your interlocutors?

Anyone who makes a lot of phone calls, talks to a lot of people or simply talks a lot in general should not only be aware of his entire voice and speech apparatus, but should also be able to use it in a present and target-oriented way.

Train your memory

Have you already forgotten the name of your interlocutor after the greeting? After this training this won't happen again! You will also be able to learn and keep numbers, data and facts in no time at all.

This is made possible by so-called Mnemo techniques, which we practice together in this training. Practical exercises ensure the sustainability of what you have learnt and its skilful application in your daily work.

Dealing with nervousness

Does your excitement increase when you speak in front of others? Are you particularly nervous before a presentation, an appearance or an appointment with customers? Here you will learn which type of stress you are and which relaxation techniques are available to effectively counteract the often obstructive nervousness. I will also show you how to expand your comfort zone and break through personal boundaries.


„Our pilots are enthusiastic about Benedikt Crisand's practical seminars. He adjusts very individually to the expectations of the participants in a very short time, gives them direct critical feedback and has made personal potential for improvement perfectly clear with his great input.“